In an age where many outdoor brands are run by large corporations, Weatherby strives to maintain a personal, family feel within the walls of its headquarters.  Authenticity is very important to us and this is why many of our team members love to spend time in the outdoors shooting and hunting.

We truly care about the quality of life that our team experiences and value the families they share it with. We recognize the prestige of our brand that has evolved over the years and so we don’t take our jobs or responsibilities lightly.  After all, we mutually care about the success of Weatherby and for the satisfaction of our customers.  As a result, we do expect a lot out of everyone who shows up to work and know that superior quality and innovation is best experienced when we are passionate about what we do.

The main prerequisite for joining Weatherby is the ability and desire to behave professionally with passion, teamwork and integrity. If this is the case, we would love to talk to you about joining us as we inspire the dreams of hunters and shooters.  We do dream big and truly believe that Weatherby’s best years are yet to come.

If you wish to apply for a position, please complete and submit an employment application, cover letter of introduction and resume to HR@weatherby.com.


Adam Weatherby
President & CEO

Weatherby Inc. knows that the talent, skills and personalities of their people make us who we are and ensure the future for the company, its brand and its products. It is for this reason that our culture is paramount. In addition, we value the integrity it takes to run a business that is top notch in all ways, accomplishing our goals and adhering to the laws and regulations that surround our specific manufacturing environment.

We sell a world-class product with world-class performance! We are passionate about our product, dedicated to our customers, and we take pride in our brand history. Our multinational footprint provides diverse and expansive sales channels enabling you to sell to Consumers, Dealers, Distributors, Conservation Groups, International and more. With the continuous development of new products that push the boundaries of ballistic performance, this group is on the cutting-edge of the industry. With an extremely loyal customer base and a reputation built on 70+ years of exemplary customer service we have developed mutually beneficial long-standing relationships.

Our marketing targets all forms of media: Print, Digital, Social Media and Films. We rely on data to drive our marketing strategies. We love to market by telling stories and with 70+ years of history, we have great ones to tell. Our creativity has no limits, we live to dream outside the box. We expect exceptional quality of work and therefore shun mediocrity. Execute, execute, execute! Our dreams without action are just dreams. This group thrives on strong teamwork and mutual respect allowing us to achieve excellence together.

We are all about developing and executing product strategy. We engage in prioritizing product development and design resources, coordinating with product marketing activities and manufacturing capabilities to ensure that product roadmaps tie into the overall vision. This team clearly communicates with internal and external collaborators to execute the plan, makes their goal to delight customers with innovation and guarantees achievement of business objectives.

This is a team built around the principles of communication, support and accountability. Our focus is on the Key Performance Indicators of Safety, Quality, Delivery & Cost. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of both quality and safety. We strive for continuous improvement by reducing waste and increasing efficiency. As we introduce new products into the market we need innovative, process oriented, skilled employees to bring our vision to reality!

Cost Accounting, Inventory Valuation, and Variance analysis. Accounts Receivable Management & Accounts Payable Management. Treasury, Tax Management, Currency and Risk management. General Ledger Management, Close, Reporting and GL Structure maintenance within ERP system. Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting of financial performance. Model creation including cost-benefit analysis, return on investment, Pro-forma Income Statement and Cash Flow.

We engage with multiple departments and execute strategic initiatives. Identification of enabling technologies makes our company stronger. This group provides the guidance for the company’s processes. The backbone of Weatherby’s brand promise resides here. We pride ourselves on creating a culture with the highest level of industry integrity. We boast of efficient, on-time delivery of the premium firearms and ammunition that hold the Weatherby name.