Choke Tubes

Almost all Weatherby® shotguns feature an interchangeable, screw-in Integral Multi-Choke System (Briley™ compatible thread pattern) to allow you to tailor your shot pattern for specific needs. Crafted from steel, Weatherby chokes also feature a unique design that reduces thread fouling and aids in easy removal/changes in the field. Certified for steel shot through modified choke constrictions. All Weatherby chokes feature an easy-to-use identification system to allow you to quickly identify the proper choke for your shooting situation.

*PA-459 and SA-459 are not compatible with the Multi-Choke System. They require a Beretta Mobile style choke.


Product NameProduct CodePrice 
12 ga. Extra Full Choke Tube700$19.00Out of stock
12 ga. Full Choke Tube701$19.00Out of stock
12 ga. Modified Choke Tube703$19.00Out of stock
12 ga. Improved Cylinder Choke Tube704$19.00Out of stock
12 ga. Skeet Choke Tube705$19.00Out of stock
12 ga. Cylinder Choke Tube706$19.00Add to Cart
12 ga. Sporting Clays I Choke Tube707$19.00Out of stock
12 ga. Ported Sporting Clays I Choke Tube727$29.00Out of stock
12 ga. Sporting Clays II Choke Tube708$19.00Out of stock
12 ga. Ported Sporting Clays II Choke Tube728$29.00Add to Cart
20 ga. Improved Modified Choke Tube714$19.00Out of stock
20 ga. Modified Choke Tube715$19.00Add to Cart
20 ga. Improved Cylinder Choke Tube716$19.00Add to Cart
28 ga. Improved Modified Choke Tube723$19.00Add to Cart
28 ga. Modified Choke Tube724$19.00Add to Cart
28 ga. Improved Cylinder Choke Tube725$19.00Add to Cart
410 ga. Full Choke Tube731$19.00Add to Cart
410 ga. Improved Modified Choke Tube732$19.00Add to Cart
410 ga. Improved Cylinder Choke Tube734$19.00Add to Cart
410 ga. Skeet Choke Tube735$19.00Add to Cart
Integral Multi-Choke System - Points of Constriction
Gauge Cylinder Skeet Sporting Clays #1 Sporting Clays #1 (Ported) Imp. Cyl. Sporting Clays #2 Sporting Clays #2 (Ported) Mod. Imp. Mod. Full Extra Full
12 Ga. .000 .004 .007 .007 .013 .016 .016 .022 .031 .040 .046
20 Ga. .000 .004 .007 N/A .013 .016 N/A .022 .031 .040 N/A
28 Ga. .000 .004 N/A N/A .008 N/A N/A .016 .024 .032 N/A
IMC Chokes Included (By Model)
Barrel Length SA-08, PA-08, D'Italia O/U, D'Italia SBS SSC
30" F/M/F Skeet/SC I/IC/SCII/M
28" F/M/IC Skeet/SC I/IC/SCII/M
26" M/IC/Skeet N/A
IMC Choke Identification
Top Stamped on Side
O Extra Full
I Full
II Improved Modified
III Modified
IIII Improved Cylinder
IIIIII Cylinder
I - I SC I

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