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The combination of a Weatherby Mark V® action and Weatherby® Magnum Ammunition is one of the most lethal hunting systems you can buy. Nothing shoots flatter, hits harder or is more accurate than a Weatherby.



Cocking Indicator — An industry first! Visually indicates whether rifle is cocked or uncocked.

Direct Striker Intervention Safety — Offers direct, positive locking of the firing pin. Locks bolt in engaged position and disengages the sear to render the trigger inoperable. Safety operates easily with a rolling action of the thumb, and is virtually silent with a controlled release.

Factory-Tuned, Fully Adjustable Trigger — Allows for precise adjustment of sear engagement (factory set at .008 to .014) and let-off weight (factory set at approximately 3.5 pounds). You get a clean, crisp trigger that will break precisely…a key component in delivering improved accuracy and improved shooter performance. (Additional sear engagement adjustments must be performed by a Weatherby Service Center or a qualified gunsmith).

Floorplate/Triggerguard Assembly — One-piece alloy triggerguard frame offers exceptional strength and fit and finish. Trigger guard is engraved with flying “W” monogram—one of the custom touches you get with a Mark V rifle.

Fluted Bolt Body — Features three gas ports to allow high-pressure gases to escape laterally in the event of an accidental case rupture. Longitudinal flutes reduce weight and bearing surface area while minimizing binding for smooth action.

Fully Enclosed Bolt Sleeve — Completely enshrouds rear of action to redirect high-pressure gases and brass particles in the event of a case rupture.

Integral Recoil Lug — One-piece forged and machined receiver features integral recoil lug for the utmost in strength and structural integrity.

Positive Cartridge Extraction — Extracts the cartridge and ejects the fired case without the necessity of full bolt retraction.

Three Rings of Steel — The cartridge casehead is surrounded by the recessed bolt face, barrel, and forged and machined steel receiver. Creates an extra measure of strength and structural integrity.

Field or Target Crown — All Mark V® rifles are finished with one of two crown options. These concentrically-perfect crowns protect the muzzle/exit hole of the rifle and allow gases to escape to improve accuracy potential. The Mark V® Accumark and Ultra Lightweight rifles feature a recessed target crown (top). The Mark V® Synthetic, Fibermark, Deluxe, Sporter, Lazermark, and Ultramark rifles feature a radius field crown (bottom).


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