Semi-AutoSA-08 Synthetic Youth

SA-08™ Synthetic Youth

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Ideally suited for women and young shooters.

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  • Lightweight and durable injection-molded stock
  • Shorter 12 1/2" length of pull with 24" barrel fits women and younger shooters
  • Vented top rib dissipates heat and aids in target acquisition
  • Features unique dual valve system for the widest range of load versatility
  • Comes with 3 application-specific choke tubes (IC/M/F) and swivel studs

Rigorous Testing and Endurance Trials to provide year after year of dependable use in every conceivable condition, the SA-08's unique dual valve system has undergone a torturous testing program, including more than 6,000 rounds in the lab. From dove hunting in Argentina, to waterfowl in the Pacific Flyway, to pheasants in the Midwest, the SA-08™ passes every “high volume shooting” test with flying colors. Endurance Tested, Field Proven™.


Weight (1)
Overall LengthStock CompositionBarrel LengthChokes IncludedLength of PullDrop at
Drop at
203"5 3/4 lbs.43"Synthetic24"IC,M,F12 1/2"1 1/2"2 1/4"

Specifications subject to change without notice. (1) Weight approximate. Varies due to stock density (wood models only) and bore diameter.


CNC-Machined Receiver — Constructed of aircraft-grade alloys to reduce overall weight, improving handling characteristics.

Chrome-Plated Bolt — The SA-08 bolt is chrome-plated for smooth, non-binding action and years of dependable use.

Chrome-Lined Barrels — The SA-08 features chrome-lined barrels to withstand the wear and tear of high-volume shooting. Lengthened forcing cones work to reduce felt recoil, curbing shooter fatigue while improving patterns.

"Muzzle-Weighted" Balance Point — The balance point of the SA-08 is centered slightly ahead of the midpoint between your hands, giving the shotgun a slight "muzzle weighted" feel. Exceptional balance and handling promotes a smooth swing and follow-through for faster pointing and target acquisition.

Carrier Control Button — Provides versatility, allowing for quick load changes and an additional margin of safety when clearing the chamber without completely unloading the shotgun.

Unique Dual Valve System — Regardless of what you've heard, it's always been difficult to get a single valve system to effectively cycle everything from 3/4 oz. through heavy 3" magnum loads. Our SA-08 is specially designed with a unique dual valve system that lets you quickly change the valve to adjust for different loads, species or seasons. The valves are easily accessible and slide on and off in an instant.

A key feature of this dual valve system is how it manages recoil and reduces it compared to traditional single valve shotguns, making the SA-08 a real joy to shoot. Put simply, the SA-08 is the most versatile autoloader you can carry.

Trim and Lightweight — Shoulder an SA-08 and you'll appreciate how easy and lightweight it is to handle. From buttstock to forend, the SA-08 is trim, precisely balanced and a pleasure to carry in the field, tipping the scales at just 5 3/4 - 6 3/4 lbs.

Unique Drop-out Trigger System — Adds to the exceptional functionality of the SA-08. Can be quickly removed and re-assembled for easy cleaning.


When was my Weatherby® firearm manufactured?

You can learn the history and lineage of your Weatherby firearm, researched and authenticated through the Weatherby company records. You’ll receive an embossed letter of authenticity which verifies the country of origin, the date your firearm was shipped, where the firearm was originally delivered and a list of features, including any custom embellishments. Each certificate is personally signed by Roy E. Weatherby, Jr., President, and Dean Rumbaugh, Company Historian. Cost for each serial number search is $50 ($75 for Custom rifles, $100 for Special Edition or Commemorative rifles). You may print and mail the Authenticity Order Form or for information, write Company Historian, 1605 Commerce Way, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

Additional historical information can also be gathered from Weatherby. The Man. The Gun. The Legend. This 290-page biography, written by Grits and Tom Gresham, contains a tremendous amount of historical information that you may find valuable in the search for your firearm’s history. Standard hardbound copies are just $30.00. Proceeds benefit the Weatherby Foundation International. See your Weatherby dealer today or order online.

Can I use steel shot with my older Weatherby® (Regency® and Olympian®) shotgun?

If it is a fixed choke barrel, we do not recommend using steel shot. However, if you have stainless steel removable factory choke tubes, we recommend using only modified or larger chokes.

What choke tube should I use when using steel shot?

When using steel shot, you should only use stainless steel choke tubes with modified or larger chokes.

Can I use steel shot with my older Weatherby® (Centurion® I, Centurion® II or model 82)?

If it is a fixed choke barrel, we do not recommend using steel shot.  However, if you have stainless steel removable factory choke tubes, we recommend using only modified or larger chokes we recommend modified or larger.

What is Weatherby®’s Warranty Policy?

Weatherby®’s service policy statement reads as follows:

“Weatherby® is a name that has been synonymous with quality firearms for over 65 years. All Weatherby® firearms are manufactured of the finest materials, and have been thoroughly inspected and tested in every phase of production.

Because of the confidence we have in our products, Weatherby® does not provide a written warranty, but rather stands behind its reputation for customer service and satisfaction.

Simply stated, we will consider requests for service or repair of Weatherby® firearms on a case-by-case basis. A determination will be made, taking into consideration such things as the age and condition of the firearm, and the circumstances surrounding its malfunction or other problem.

Weatherby® will not be responsible for defects resulting from ordinary wear and tear, alterations by unauthorized persons, accidents, misuse, use of incorrect or other than factory-loaded ammunition, or failure to provide reasonable and normal maintenance.

Should any Weatherby® firearm require service or repair under this service policy, it must be delivered transportation prepaid to an authorized Weatherby Service Center. The product must be accompanied by a proof of purchase, and a letter explaining the problem. The firearm should also be insured by the owner at time of shipment, as Weatherby, Inc. can accept no responsibility for damage or loss in transit. Weatherby® will pay all charges to return the product to the owner if it is accepted for service or repair under the provisions of this policy.”

When was my over/under shotgun made?
Over/Under Shotguns Series # Pre-fix
Regency® (Italy) Over/Under (1967 – 1982) R
Olympian® (Japan) Over/Under (1977 – 1981) K-R-W
Athena® (Japan) Over/Under (Version I) (1982 – 1990) D-F-FF
Athena® III, IV, V (Japan) Over/Under (1990 – 2007) DA-DF
Orion® (Japan) Over/Under (Version I) (1982 – 1990) E-G-EE-GG
Orion® I II III (Japan) Over/Under (1990 – 2007) EN-ER-GN-GR
Athena® SxS (Italy) (2005 - ) FS
Orion® SxS (Italy) (2005 - ) FS
Athena® D’Italia III, IV, V   (Italy) Over/Under (2007 - ) L
Orion ® D’Italia I, II, III, SC.  (Italy) Over/Under (2007 - ) B - L
How can I identify the “choke tubes” that came with my Weatherby® shotgun?

Choke tubes can be identified by the number and placement of small notches found on their muzzle (non- threaded) ends.

O Extra Full
I Full
II Improved Modified
III Modified
IIII Improved Cylinder
IIIIII Cylinder

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