Mark XXII Magazine

Mark XXII Magazine


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Releases at the push of a button. Precision fit. Designed to fit Weatherby Mark XXII bolt action rifles. Not for use with semi-automatic models. Bolt-action model only.

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  1. Mark XXII .17 HMR

    By ebswales October 16, 2017

    I own both the older semi-auto clip fed (.22 LR) and the newer bolt action (.17 HMR) in the Mark XXII. Both are beautiful, with flawless operation and are extremely accurate. With no functioning problems from either rifles' various clips. I only wish the clip for the .17 HMR was offered in a 10 round capacity instead of just a 4 round capacity. Having to constantly switch to a fresh clip after only a few rounds fired is very frustrating and takes time away from firing on the range. Please consider offering a 10 round clip for the Mark XXII chambered for the .17 HMR cartridge.

  2. Excellent

    By BobMcG June 10, 2017

    I consider all (7) of the Mark XXII's I own to be functioning works of art. The two newer bolt actions I have are incredibly beautiful and accurate rifles. For each, I've purchased extra five and ten round magazines for them. Every magazine I have works not only reliably but, flawlessly. They may not be cheap but, that's the point... they aren't cheaply made, they don't look cheap, they don't act cheap. Well worth the money, they look beautiful and classy on the rifles (five round is my favorite).
    Thank you Weatherby, for making them available to us lucky owners!

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