Scoped Rifle Soft Case

Scoped Rifle Soft Case


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54" scoped soft black case.

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  1. It has the name on the case which sets it apart.

    By Cyberrifles October 18, 2015

    I have 3 Weatherby rifles and I bought one to see how it works. It works and looks great. I can instantly distinguish it from my other rifles. I would prefer a canvas case instead of nylon.

  2. soft gun cases

    By shortshot April 12, 2015

    If you had these in pink or pink camo I think it would be a hit for the ladies.

  3. Nice case

    By E. Michael April 07, 2015

    I picked up a Weatherby SA-459 TR a couple of weeks ago and love it. Needed a case to store it in so I opted for Weatherby. The case finally arrived today and upon opening the box I was please to see a nice, somewhat slick looking black case with the Weatherby name sewn in gold. That adds to the overall look of the case and definitely set it apart from all others - even if others are just a good in quality. The case itself is very nice quality and offers a good amount of room. My only complaint - if you will, is the side pocket. It is SO TIGHT to the case that all I can really fit in there is a choke wrench - at best. My personal thought on that: if you design a gun case with an outside pocket, make it large enough so it can actually be used! That's why it only scored 4 out of five on two categories. Other than that nice case for the price without doubt.

  4. I Like It

    By DS March 08, 2015

    Ordered one of these in late Feb. of 2015. I like it just fine. Got it for an SA-08 I purchased in Feb, as well and the gun fits fine. Nice inner & outer material that seems to be of the sort that will last for years. Stitches seem well done and I do not anticipate any problems with the case. The stitched name makes the case stand out from your run-of-the-mill cases and I think adds a little pazazz to the package. My only complaint ... and its not really huge ... is that I wish the outside pouch area were a tad larger & looser. A flat choke wrench is about all I can see getting in there. Also ... a shoulder strap might be nice as well. For the money & looks, I'm really pleased.

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