Scoped Rifle Soft Case

Scoped Rifle Soft Case


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54" scoped soft black case.

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  1. Nice looking case

    By Alex April 18, 2018

    Got my 2 cases today. One for my .270 the other one for the 25-06. Fit nicely, look terrific but a little thin, they need more padding. The side pocket is just big enough for an extra removable magazine.

  2. It has the name on the case which sets it apart.

    By Cyberrifles October 18, 2015

    I have 3 Weatherby rifles and I bought one to see how it works. It works and looks great. I can instantly distinguish it from my other rifles. I would prefer a canvas case instead of nylon.

  3. soft gun cases

    By shortshot April 12, 2015

    If you had these in pink or pink camo I think it would be a hit for the ladies.

  4. Nice case

    By E. Michael April 07, 2015

    I picked up a Weatherby SA-459 TR a couple of weeks ago and love it. Needed a case to store it in so I opted for Weatherby. The case finally arrived today and upon opening the box I was please to see a nice, somewhat slick looking black case with the Weatherby name sewn in gold. That adds to the overall look of the case and definitely set it apart from all others - even if others are just a good in quality. The case itself is very nice quality and offers a good amount of room. My only complaint - if you will, is the side pocket. It is SO TIGHT to the case that all I can really fit in there is a choke wrench - at best. My personal thought on that: if you design a gun case with an outside pocket, make it large enough so it can actually be used! That's why it only scored 4 out of five on two categories. Other than that nice case for the price without doubt.

  5. I Like It

    By DS March 08, 2015

    Ordered one of these in late Feb. of 2015. I like it just fine. Got it for an SA-08 I purchased in Feb, as well and the gun fits fine. Nice inner & outer material that seems to be of the sort that will last for years. Stitches seem well done and I do not anticipate any problems with the case. The stitched name makes the case stand out from your run-of-the-mill cases and I think adds a little pazazz to the package. My only complaint ... and its not really huge ... is that I wish the outside pouch area were a tad larger & looser. A flat choke wrench is about all I can see getting in there. Also ... a shoulder strap might be nice as well. For the money & looks, I'm really pleased.

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