Perhaps more than anything else you carry in the field, a shotgun truly becomes an extension of the person pulling the trigger. Hunter and gun in perfect balance, synchronization and fit. Whether you prefer the smooth action of an autoloader, or the classic elegance of an Over/Under, there’s a Weatherby shotgun that will instantly become your favorite shooting companion in the field.

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  1. Element® Deluxe

    Element® Deluxe


    For traditional upland gunners and waterfowlers who like rich walnut and cold blue steel, I’m your next shotgun. Inertia-operated for bulletproof dependability. Pun intended.
  2. Element® Synthetic

    Element® Synthetic


    Hey, like you I understand the value of a hard-earned dollar. That’s why I deliver proven Weatherby performance at a price that’ll let you buy more hunting gear.
  3. Element® Waterfowler Max-5®

    Element® Waterfowler Max-5®


    I live for the duck blind. There’s nothing I like more than hitting a mallard hard, watching him fold and knowing that my second shot is ready for the next bird in line.
  4. Orion® I

    Orion® I


    So many birds, so little time. It’s just hard to decide what I like best. Grouse, quail, roosters, pintails. They’re all amazing. All I know is that when I swing out front and the lead is perfect, those wings are going to fold.
  5. Orion® Sporting

    Orion® Sporting


    You and I have a lot in common. We both appreciate excellence and we live to knock stuff out of the sky. And we both prefer using a 30-inch barrel to do it.
  6. SA-08™ Deluxe

    SA-08™ Deluxe


    I remind you how special I am every time you chamber a shell. After all, my name is engraved right there next to the bolt release button. Whether the game is feathered or clay, it’s an honor to be in good hands.
  7. SA-08™ Synthetic

    SA-08™ Synthetic


    I’ve been used as a jon boat paddle. I’ve been belly crawled through mud. I’ve scored triples on ducks, doubles on pheasants and just cracked 100 straight at trap league. I am one tough shooter.
  8. SA-08™ Synthetic Compact

    SA-08™ Synthetic Compact


    Hey, not everyone is 6-feet-plus and 200 pounds. For hunters on the smaller scale, I’m ready for gas-operated action with a more compact stock and a fast-swinging 24” barrel.
  9. SA-459™ Turkey Xtra Green

    SA-459™ Turkey Xtra Green


    He’s fanned out, backlit by the morning sun and glowing amber in the light. I’m ready to send a tightly-choked pattern of #4s with terminal accuracy. This is what I was made for. He just needs to take two - more - steps…
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10 per page

9 Item(s)