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Element® Deluxe


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What is it about wings that gets our hearts beating like they do? I live for the sound. Whether it’s the thunder of a Ruffed Grouse flushing, or the whistle of Goldeneyes buzzing the dekes, or the howl of Mallards on set wings slicing through a head wind and sounding like an F15 at mach-10. My job is to intercept them by fitting you like I’m an extension of yourself; to cycle shells with 100% inertia-operated dependability; and to look good doing it.

Key Features:

  • "AA" grade American walnut stock
  • Aircraft grade aluminum receiver
  • Drop-out trigger system
  • Dual purpose bolt release
  • Chrome-plated bolt
  • Inertia-operated action
  • Chrome-lined barrel
  • Ventilated top rib
  • Integral Multi Choke System with three application specific tubes (IC, Mod, Full)

Questions about Choke Tubes? View the Choke Tube Guide HERE.


Additional Information

Product Line Element
Choke Improved Cylinder, Modified, Full
Stock "AA" Grade American Walnut
Pattern None
Sights Fiber Optic Front
Available Products
Gauge Barrel Length Chamber Magazine Capacity Overall Length Length of Pull Drop at Heel Drop at Comb Approximate Weight
12 26" 3" 4+1 46 3/4" 14 5/8" 2 1/4" 1 5/8" 6 3/4 lbs.

12 28" 3" 4+1 48 3/4" 14 5/8" 2 1/4" 1 5/8" 6 3/4 lbs.

20 26" 3" 4+1 46 3/4" 14 5/8" 2 1/4" 1 5/8" 6 1/4 lbs.

20 28" 3" 4+1 48 3/4" 14 5/8" 2 1/4" 1 5/8" 6 1/4 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


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12 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 12 reviews)
  1. Weatherby Element Awesome

    By Smooth99 September 30, 2018

    Just bought the Element and I am very impressed. So I just sold a Stoeger Over/Under and I can't believe the difference in accauracy and in handling. Wow was this the right decision. So happy. So accurate. So light. And I got the deluxe model and it looks really sharp. Have had zero issues with cycling 2 3/4" shells with 1 ounce #8. One word here...... Impressed

  2. worth every penny

    By hillcity September 02, 2018

    this is a great gun that I bought just bird hunt with , however its good for everything I have shot in it, low brass shells, and even buckshot. So far 3 yrs in and not a single jam... it was a great purchase and I might even order my teenage son one now!

  3. What More Could an Upland Hunter Ask For...

    By Cliff Enzor May 16, 2018

    The Element Deluxe is a gorgeous gun right out of the box. Top Notch job on the Grade 'AA' Walnut. I wanted my next Upland gun to be lighter, have the classic 'wood grain' upland look, and be inertia operated. This gun shoulders smoothly and cycles rounds flawlessly. The Inertia driven system is so simple, anyone with basic (or none at all) gun knowledge could clean this gun and easily put it back together (there's literally 3 parts - Barrel, forearm and trigger assembly). For the price, you can't go wrong with all this gun offers - I'd put the Element Deluxe up against a Benelli or Beretta any day. A+ Weatherby

  4. Fits just like a Benelli

    By JSATL March 26, 2018

    I sold a Benelli super black eagle to a friend some years back, mainly because it was very well used and I hardly used it anymore due to going to clay sports more than hunting. And I wanted more room in my gun cabinet. Just this year I changed my mind and decided I wanted a hunting & sporting clay gun. I chose the Weatherby Element Deluxe? Why? It's a very simple inertia gun. I didn't want all that "business" up in the stock like a Benelli. I don't like how the inertia spring for the Stoeger and Franchi autos are in the breech. And I didn't want to pay Benelli Montefeltro money. By the way I did a lot of research and concluded that this gun (to me) is a better looking gun. Lo and behold -- Just like my old Benelli, when I received this gun, I put the shim in for increased drop, shouldered it, and it fit pretty much exactly the same as my old gun. I shot it this weekend - 1st time I had shot trap in years, shot two rounds with it and shot a pair of 19's. Basically it fits like a glove, looks fantastic, and I took it apart to clean it and the quality seems very equivalent to a benelli. Some people complain about the polymer trigger housing (as opposed to metal) and the "weird shape" of the safety. I am not sure it matters. The safety worked fine for me and the trigger housing is not flimsy by any means. People prefer pistols made out of polymer these days - so I'm not sure what the big deal is. Anyway, I'm very impressed with this gun and look forward to using it for many years. It looks so good in my gun case and feels as good to shoot as any auto I have ever had. Thanks, Weatherby.

  5. Flawless and Accurate

    By Rick Jones January 28, 2018

    This is my first shotgun, I waited many years to finally buy a shotgun because of recoil and ease of use. I am so glad my first shotgun was a Weatherby, the gun is easy to load, aims true and the recoil on skeet loads is minimal. I took my wife to the range today and she put 15 rounds through the gun and wanted to keep shooting. I am sure I will have many years of great shooting and be able to pass the Weatherby Element down to my son. I was lucky to get the right gun on first try. Hope you have as much fun with your shotgun!

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