Karen Mehall, editor of NRA’s American Hunter joined me in the factory to build the very first Mark V Camilla Deluxe. We spent about 3 hours assembling the rifles and then verified our accuracy in Weatherby’s indoor range. The process was very informative and made us both appreciate what goes into a premium firearm. It is considered a production rifle, but the craftsmanship involved is much more along the lines of a custom rifle.

That night we headed out east of Paso Robles, CA to get our sights on some pigs. It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed getting to know each other as the day wore on. Soon enough, pigs were heard and we got into position. There was a bit of shuffling down a dirt road in order to get a clear shot, but Karen did well to get lined up standing on shooting sticks. She picked out her black and white spotted sow and executed a perfect shot to drop the pig with her .240 WBY at around 80 yards. We celebrated and Karen commented on how the Camilla was so comfortable to shoot and easy to carry in the field. As the darkness approached, I had only minutes to try to get myself a pig. Unfortunately, because of light and opportunity, I wasn’t able to make it happen. But, there’s always morning.

We dragged ourselves out of bed and excitement didn’t take us long to be ready again. We reveled in the sunrise and the small, funny and “not so wild” pig that was hanging out with the cows. The morning pigs eluded us, but we had filled the time with stories of hunting with our husbands and how trials of life had taught us many things. There’s something special when women hunt together. There’s little competition and so much encouragement to be better people, just by being together. We talked about losing our fathers and how that was hard for us in-between the times snacking on raw carrots and blueberries. No pigs, but it was a beautiful time together. That’s really what it is all about right?

I am grateful that a product like a hunting rifle gives me the wonderful experiences to be in creation and develop relationships with beautiful people. That is what I believe Women of Weatherby is all about. Whether you are a veteran hunter or a beginner, whether you use a Camilla or your grandfather’s hand-me down, the experience of hunting together is treasured. Women everywhere are figuring that out and it is contagious.