The family road trip has been planned for over a year now and with each month the anticipation grew. We would leave from Paso Robles, CA and make our way through a number of stops: The Grand Canyon in Arizona to river raft; Moab in Utah to off road and mountain bike; Kessler Canyon in Colorado to bird hunt and fly fish and T55 in Wyoming to hunt antelope and mule deer. Honestly, the school year beginning has left me ragged with all of the events to fit in my schedule. The kids too were exhausted. We were all ready to get in the truck and forget the schedule behind us. Makeup work was assigned, work to-dos were collected, but most of all we were ready to have a good time together being in the outdoors and adventuring. This is the Weatherby way, whether we have a firearm in tow or not, adventure is what we look forward to.

Getting ready for a trip is always a mount of excitement. I love to pack and think through the necessities of an adventure. Even more so, I love to get my guns ready. My first Camilla was in .308 Win and had taken me through my first two years of hunting: local California wild pig, Montana bear, African plains game. I had decided to let my daughter, Dana use this special rifle for this road trip. For myself, I decided to build my second Camilla. This is in 6.5 Creedmoor and is paired with my long awaited, custom stock that Minelli made specifically for me. I remember seeing the blank piece of wood in the Italian factory and admiring the lines and coloring. Now before me, it was complete with custom checkering and my name carved into the wood. I chose the 6.5 Creedmoor for a variety of reasons. It is efficient and flat shooting, a perfect small to medium game cartridge and my good friend Laurel Holding kept bugging me to get that Camilla in this cartridge. I worked along side one of our gunsmiths, Kevin Conroy, to fit the female specific action into this gorgeous stock, mount the rings and bases graciously donated by Leupold Optics, and bore sight the package so it was ready for the range. It performed well with tight groups. We sighted it out to 200 yards.

It was so beautiful that I was tempted to just sit it on a shelf, but I have been told by many of my family members that our firearms are not only pieces of art, but a tool to be used. With every animal hunted and experience enjoyed, the rifle seems to take on more depth and meaning in my life. I wouldn’t cheat this gun or myself out of this unique opportunity.

So road trip, here we come!