It was 6 women in Namibia in search of African plains game and the time of their lives. The only men were the professional hunters, the trackers and the photographers. Yes, I am serious! The women held the rifles and not just any, but the Vanguard Camilla in .308 WIN. The game was plentiful, but challenging to get close range. We had sighted our rifles in at 200 yards but ended up taking some long shots successfully. We had practiced standing shots with sticks, hoping that we’d have the chance to sit or kneel, but took most of them how we practiced. We were told that a lot of the hunting was by buckie (open air truck) but we did our fair share of hiking, crawling and scooting.

I can not reiterate the challenge and with that, the learning opportunities that abounded. We came back each night recapping our stalks and what we learned about our equipment, our own deficiencies and the importance of good communication with our guides. Again, the camaraderie with the other women with the highlight. It’s just so much fun hunting with the girls. I count these women as dear friends, fellow hunters and beautiful human beings. I love their hearts for the outdoors, the respect they give every animal taken and the common bond of friendship that magically happens when we hunt together. My trophies in Namibia were Gemsbok, Kudu, Springbok and Mountain Zebra.

Every time, I look at the pictures or glance at the skins that hangs on my couch, I will think of the amazing adventure I had with the Safari Sisters in Namibia. And of course, the delicious meat that was harvested, eaten and given to local people in need.

It was a trip of a lifetime.