Through my involvement as a Team Weatherby member, I’ve been privy to many opportunities that have been extraordinary. One of which, I was able to spend some time at the factory and work for Weatherby for the day!

This whole experience started with me telling Brenda that while I was staying in town for a few days, I would like to go to the factory and work. I really wanted to give back in a tangible way. I was ecstatic when her excitement matched mine and we immediately began planning my day at the plant.

My thoughts behind spending a day working and being hands on, was to better familiarize myself with Weatherby and their products. I wanted to not only build rifles but build a stronger relationship with everyone involved with the company.

My day started in the Vanguard department, unboxing stocks, barrels and accessories; inspecting each item, insuring they were of Weatherby standard. Then the fun began, as I worked and assembled each rifle! What I thought would be just a fun day at the factory, turned into much more, a learning experience and a greater appreciation for the company, people and the product.

Weatherby isn’t just a name, it’s a promise; a promise that the firearm you’re investing in has been proven and tested. They take pride in their products and want their customers to be able to do the same!